Biodynamiy Farming - In the Beginning There Are Seeds


Technology has detached humans from the real art of growing food and traditional skills of plant breeding. Biodynamic farming works in harmony with nature. Healthy food starts with happy seeds. If we come into dialogue with plants again - blessing our seeds, dancing and playing music - we receive very powerful seeds and slowly heal the earth and humanity. It is now in our hands.

Entre Pedalanças e Andanças. Crónica de uma viagem

De comboio inicia-se a saída de Lisboa e, sem deixar a beira do Tejo, começam as pedaladas. Entre as estradas ribatejanas, a escolta dos campos de regadio de milho, tomate de industria e outras hortícolas. Apa...

Iberian Peninsula: Boom in Eco-Sites

Portugal, Spain and the Basque Country are overflowing with eco-communities. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the North to the South, centred around varying interests, there’s something to suit everyone...