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Conscious Touch

Pola Vida

Conscious Touch

Healing & Bodywork



Intuitive Massage & Inner Child Healing

The intuitive treatments are tailored to your individual needs. I combine bodywork with a mindful and loving touch to achieve balance and flow in the body and to channel hidden emotional messages behind physical issues. I follow my hands and my intuition. Together we can work with these messages during the session, uncovering the truth behind it. If you wish, you can receive energy, affirmations or prayers through me.

Session 1,5-2h =50-60€

Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Performed on a massage table using warm oil. The massage can be either softer to RELAX or dynamic with stronger pressure creating heat in the tissue to DETOX, following your physical constitution and your needs. The oil is worked in into the skin, so that it can be fully absorbed and help the body to heal and balance from inside. Having a hot shower after the massage will help the oils to be more absorbed by the body.

Full Body Oil Massage: 1.5hrs=55€, 1h=40€

Thai Yoga Massage

THAI YOGA MASSAGE (also called Sen Massage) is one of the most beneficial holistic massage therapies. It is performed fully clothed on a floor mat, and seated (without oils or lotions except for special treatments) with stretches and acupressure along energy (sen) lines and points along your body, (the lines are similar to Chinese meridian system).

For deep relaxation and joint flexibility I also work a lot with rocking and rhythmic movements, and craniosacral techniques.

Full Body*: 90min-2h=55€, 2.5h=70€

Back-Shoulders-Neck-Head-Face: 30min=25€, 1h=40€ // Stomach Chi Massage, Foot Reflex: 30min=25€

*Massage in Side Position for pregnant women or back problems:


Shamanic Tantric Counseling


Tantra Coaching for Singles and Couples

Conscious Relationship Coaching

Yoni Healing

Energy Autonomy Coaching

Deconnecting & Energy Cleansing (Past Lovers, Family, etc.)

Manifestation & Release Rituals

Body Awareness Coaching


Retreats & Ceremonies


Full Moon & New Moon Rituals

Women’s Circles * Red Tent

Women’s & Tantra Retreats

Meditation & Mindfulness Retreats



Workshops & Seminars


Intuition & Conscious Touch in Massage, Therapy & daily life

Holistic Massage Workshops for Beginners & Advanced

Mindful Touch

Massage as Meditation

Intuitive Massage

Tantra Massage




About the Work


Our physical body is connected our psyche and our soul. What we hold inside of us, manifests in the visible body outside. The physical body, the energy body, and the emotional body are only different aspects of our system. The purpose of HOLISTIC BODYWORK is to bring the body, mind, and soul into a state of balance and harmony, providing an opportunity for self-healing.


Conscious touch creates a protected space. Acting with mindfulness and love during the treatment, the therapist can create a protected space in which the receiver can relax and open fully. The receiver can let go of the defenses, and this allows the body and the soul to deeply relax. Out of that deep relaxation comes everything. The resistances and pains go, the thoughts go, energy can flow again.


When we touch the body, we touch also traumas, wounds and longings that have caused imbalances in the system. Touched skin always remembers, and the body always reacts to touch. The energy flows where attention goes.


What we are truly missing to truly heal, is loving touch. When we feel ‘seen’ through the hands, we open. Applied with love and compassion – mindfully, sensually and perceptively – with full presence and emptiness of the mind like in a meditation, touch can reach through all the cells of the body into the soul where then deep healing can happen.



About me

I am a Woman, an Empath, Yogini, Healer and Bodyworker, Artist, Teacher, Counselor and Coach, a Witch, a Priestess, a Goddess, a Tantrika. I feel most at ease when I am close to nature and to loving beings.

I practice holistic bodywork and energy work since 2007: Thai Yoga Massage, OsteoThai, Chinese Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Tantra Massage, Sexological Bodywork, Channeling, Theta Healing, Tantra Coaching, Teaching, Counseling. I work and teach mainly in Portugal and Germany.


São Luís (Odemira), Portugal +351 920 307 85

Berlin, Germany +49 176 9900 2930

email: polavidahealing(@)gmail.com

For more information and events please also check my main website and Facebook page.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.