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66R8+XW Espinhaço de Cão
Faro, Algarve

Yemadas Farm


66R8+XW Espinhaço de Cão

Aljezur / Monte Ruivo



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Being a dancer who loves to dance and explore the potential of life as movement. This led her to study dance in Escola Superior de Dança, contact improvisation, fascia therapy, and to an MA in Dance / Movement Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths' College, in London, to 5 Rhythms and to Movement Medicine (UK), which she's been practicing since 2010 having followed the MM training and qualified as an Apprentice Teacher in 2016. Her thirst for self-discovery has taken her to many countries, spiritual practices and masters, namely Mooji and Ganga Mira. Besides this, she is trained in Medicine and also holds a qualification in photography.

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