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Avenida Gago Coutinho 58


Place of meeting; place of sharing, engine of new discoveries, promoter of dynamics for and with the community. Place of debate and learning OPEN TO ALL! An instrument at the service of all, for the creation and implementation of projects of the most varied natures.


Cradle of knowledge, transmitter of good youth practices, such as inter help, friendship, respect for difference, respect for oneself, respect for spaces, self-knowledge; community work, social participation and stimulation of citizenship, a door to the world of inclusion.

In this sense, we believe in a place of reflection free of prejudices, which excels in encouraging multiculturalism, a space of unity in diversity, in developing a critical and self-critical spirit.

A bridge of contact between everyone and everyone, a privileged place for linguistic pluralism promoted by physical and virtual encounter.

In adolescence everything is on the plane of the possible, but even any abstract and speculative idea must be anchored in reality, in the substance of things. In this case, it is in the existence of a place – Youth Centre – that assists, promotes and encourages the young people of the municipality to be active participants.


Opening Hours: 10h00-13h00 and 14h00-19h00 (Monday to Friday)

Telephone: 266898100

E-mail: aferreira@cm-montemornovo.pt

Website: http://www.cm-montemornovo.pt/

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