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Date(s) - 02/11/2019 - 18/11/2019
9:00 am - 2:00 am

Praça do Giraldo 1 (near Café Arcada)


Apontamentos Verticais is a set of 5 constructions inspired in forms and colors that can be found in the landscape (such as the Almendres Cromlech or the Diana Garden), architecture (such as the Vimioso Palace, Raimundo Door Tower, Ameias, Columns and Arcades) and Alentejo’s handicraft (Sgraffito da Rua da Corredoura, Ferragens, Fiture).

Identifying elements revisited here and built in 5 structures, a number loaded with symbolism (Center and Harmony, Freedom and Discipline, the Hamsa and the five wounds of Christ, the Pentagon and the Pentagram), which “transform” themselves into luminaries during the night and accentuate their almost totemic nature of fusion between tradition and contemporaneity.

Apontamentos Verticais is a project within the scope of the call for new creations of the Festival Artes á Rua 2019.



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