Date(s) - 17/01/2020
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

A Onda.



We dance our life. We dance ourselves. We are a dance. We are danced.

Open Hearts Dance is a space where we can safely explore what is alive in us and needs to be seen, heard, danced. Through movements, in our own unique way, supported by the music or the silence, we listen and we let the magic happens.

Everyone welcome! No Pre-requisite.
If you are new to conscious dance, come and see me before the session.

Please bring :
* Confortable clothing (no jeans)
* Warm layers
* Altar object that you take back after the session.
* A friend or more!

Anaïs: 966 486 923
Reservations appreciated

More about Anaïs, the space holder for this journey

I explore dance and movement since 1984. Throughout those decades I practiced ballet, contemporary dance, African dance, Tandava, Iyengar yoga, Qi-Gong, Makka-ho, 5 rhythms, biodanza, ecstatic dance, Body-Mind Centering, Gaga, tantric dance, contact dance, dance medicine, oriental dance, Body Weather…

I facilitate dance spaces where each of us can get in touch with her/his “inner dancer” through exploration and acceptance of her/his emotional landscape by conscious and free movement.

My exploration of movement and consciousness extends to bodywork and energy work through massages, channeling and shamanic practices.

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