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Date(s) - 24/08/2019 - 01/09/2019
6:00 pm - 10:00 am

São Luis


Join us for this Life changing MEDITATION & AWAKENING RETREAT in South Portugal from August 24 to September 1, 2019.

These 7 days will be an adventure of Self-discovery, that will finally allow you to merge with the Divine Being You already Are: Eternal, Infinite, Complete and truly Free.

Deep dive into your Inner Self through meditation and silence and daily talks about the true nature of the world that appears to exist around you, will help you to make an important and lasting change of paradigm.
Grasp the opportunity to discover Who You really Are and make the switch to this post-materialist Field Paradigm. You are NOT a separate being in a harsh world of solid matter but an energetic, intelligent, creative and blissful Field of Consciousness, boundlessly connected to All That Is. We all are One Consciousness!

During this retreat, you will reconnect with your True Self through Deep Meditation and Higher Knowledge. This will be the basis to allow you to go deeper into feeling your fears, emotions and stress, and then letting them all go. Some simple but very strong tools will be handed out to you in order to obtain steadiness in this process.

The illusionary “outer” world being just a reflection of your own thoughts, and your conscious and subconscious beliefs. This process will change your life profoundly!

The moment has never been more ideal to walk your Path of Awakening and resolutely choose to emanate the Love, Light, Peace, Abundance and Bliss you already Are!
Time NOW to become conscious about manifesting the world of your dreams! Time NOW to become the fully developed Fifth Dimensional Being you already Are.


7 days of deep Meditation and lots of nurturing Silence.
A daily talk on topics such as Quantum Physics, the Holographic Universe idea, Non-Duality, Epigenetics, Healing, and time for questions and answers. Daily meditative walks nature, or light yoga exercises. Delicious vegetarian and mainly organic meals with veggies and fruits from our own garden. A significant and durable transformation!


The retreat takes place in a big house in a very quiet area in the Portuguese countryside, 10 min outside of the village of São Luis, South Portugal, Alentejo Region.
We are surrounded by beautiful nature and mountains with lots of cork oaks and birds. The sun is shining every day here, and you can also smell the Atlantic Coast which is only 20min away.


The prices include everything you need for the retreat, incl. food (3 vegan/vegetarian meals, drinks, snacks) and accommodation.

Standard price: 500€ per person.

Early Bird Price: 450€ – For bookings until July 15, 2019.

Reduced Price: We offer a special rate of 400€ per person for Portuguese or people living in communities, because of the different economic situation.

– 3 rooms with double bed on the ground floor
– Dormitory with single beds on the 1st floor
– Tent (10% price discount) – We also offer the possibility to stay in a tent with a price discount of 10% on the standard price. We have a few tents available.

Groups/Couples: Discount of 10% on the standard price for the 2nd person. – Please contact us!

Helpers: We need 3 helpers to help preparing the daily meals and with the cleaning. Helper price for food and accommodation is 200€.


The Retreat starts on Saturday, August 24 at 6pm in the Evening, and ends on Sunday, September 1 at 10am in the Morning.

Daily structure:
07h00 Meditation
08h00 Meditative walk in nature or light yoga exercises
09h00 Breakfast – silent
10h30 Morning meditation sessions
13h00 Lunch break – silent
15h00 Afternoon meditation sessions
17h00 Tea break – silent
17h30 Meditation
18h30 Dinner – silent
20h00 Evening talk and Q&A
21h30 Final Meditation


Who am I? Who am I really? That was the question that started to constantly buzz in my head, shortly after having started my daily meditation practice in 1989. The start of this regular spiritual activity has surely been the major pivoting point in my life. There was life before and life after! A total change…

To share the fruits of my spiritual 30 year long practice and experience with honest searchers for Spiritual Awakening, is what I see as the true Purpose of my Life.

Read more about Filip Ji:
Contact: filipji@hotmail.com




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