Publish Events

Are you an Events Organizer? Publish your events!

Regular Events

If you organize events in the Alentejo regularly, you can publish your events yourself in the Alentejo Events with an own user account.

As a user, you can also be visible on our Team Page and promote your business or therapy in the Alentejo network like this via our website!

Please send us an email to info(@) with your contact data (your full name, email address, telephone, website, location etc.)

Single Events

If you are organizing only one event in the Alentejo, we can publish it for. Just send us the information about your event via email to info(@) providing the following data:

  • description of the event, price, date, time etc. (text format, not pdf)
  • the location with name and the exact address (if necessary the coordinates)
  • your contact (name, tel, email, website)
  • an event picture or flyer (jpg or png)
  • link to events page

Please inform us immediately, should the event be cancelled or changed.

Become a PlanetAlentejo Ambassador

As a PlanetAlentejo Ambassador you feed us with information about activities and events of your village or region. You can bring awareness to the burning topics of your community and help to create a network for the Alentejo.

Contact us for more information!