Community, Culture & Consciousness

Building a new Identity of Networking and Cooperation in the Alentejo

A fresh wind of change is softly blowing over the Alentejo plains. So much is going on here, that is worth being spread outside of our neighborhood. The region is blessed with all kinds of skilled people, artists, therapists, and even spiritual teachers from all over the world. What a great potential and what an assets for the future.

Our beautiful Alentejo has become an amazing melting pot of diverse groups of people and cultures. The old and valuable existing traditions and habits of the region are encountering new conscious lifestyles, introduced by a continuously growing multicultural international community. This resulted especially the last decades in lots of very interesting projects, many starting communities, retreat places, and several new businesses, which you can watch popping up all over the place.

Our Vision and Intentions

A new culture takes form when we make the little effort to interconnect and find sustainable ways to merge our knowledge, create networks and cooperate! Our vision is a thriving Alentejano community of collaborating beings in a flowering natural environment.

PlanetAlentejo is meant as a support and platform for all the people, projects, communities and local businesses, amongst which many are just starting to create a network to ensure an income. The intention of PlanetAlentejo is to serve as a connector between all the places and groups of different people here – islands on the unique planet Alentejo, and to bring the knowledge of sustainability, ecology and a conscious lifestyle to a broader audience, and to keep the almost forgotten traditions of the Alentejo alive. To achieve this goal, a team of enthusiast editors is constantly feeding the website with information about all kinds of events in the region (cultural and social events, festivals, concerts, movies, workshops, markets etc.) and about all the items that can help to blend the old ways of living with the strongly growing new conscious lifestyle.

PlanetAlentejo wants to assist and show the transformation of the Alentejo into a lively pulsating field of smoothly interconnecting humans, and create a solid know-how and communication platform to actively raise the awareness concerning environmental, political and other burning topics, and about the different needs of the people who are living and moving here. Our questions are: How can we support each other, as well as the small businesses and communities, in order to all plainly develop and flourish in the Alentejo region? How can we create a sustainable economy based on empathetic cooperation and great respect for nature, and at the same time make an honest living? How can we be a catalyzer? What are the needs of the regions?

Alentejo Events Calendar

The Alentejo is by far Portugal’s largest region and counts many villages and municipalities, each of them with its own website featuring their own general information and events calendar. Understandably all in Portuguese. Searching for information and events can therefore sometimes be a challenge, especially for those who are new to the region and the language.

PlanetAlentejo aims to show all the events in the Alentejo and along the Costa Vicentina on one website, and to provide information on the existing locations and organizers, in English and in Portuguese. It contains all markets and feiras, and the cinema programs. All with the possibility to search by date, place or name of the event, which makes it very convenient for the visitors of the website.

The PlanetAlentejo Events Calendar is the main connector for everyone living on the Planet Alentejo. Its vocation is to be the magnet of the website for all types of audience – old, young, locals, foreigners, visitors, new, modern, alternative, spiritual, traditional, businesses, clients. Because it is an inter-regional events calendar for the whole Alentejo it will inspire more tourists to visit also less frequented locations for events and support the efforts of the organizers and municipalities.

EVENT ORGANIZERS can submit their events to the website with a free user account.

Healing Network & Online Platform

PlanetAlentejo aims to be an online platform for networking and information for the Alentejo.

An important project of PlanetAlentejo is the ALENTEJO HEALING NETWORK, There is a huge potential and need holistic therapy in the Alentejo, and it is our vision to create a holistic health network for the region Alentejo and to provide a complete address list and map of therapists, health businesses and retreat places.

We offer inexpensive web pages for therapists, projects and local businesses as a beautiful alternative to an own time-consuming and costly website. Next to this Holistic Health Network it is within our vision to also create an Alentejo Art Network, a Project & Community Network, and to support the development of the Alentejo towards regional autonomy and food cooperatives. An Online Forum is planned as well.

Articles / Knowledge Base / Blog

The editorial team of PlanetAlentejo works on lots of content to show the transformation of the Alentejo and it’s changing community from within, and to provide the knowledge to grow towards sustainability and healing. Topics are around culture, ecology, sustainability, environment, gardening, nature, education, economy, spirituality, consciousness, local businesses, alternative living projects, traditions and traditional life, heritage, health, and much more.

Join the network of contributors and authors who present their work and knowledge to a growing audience of different segments.

PlanetAlentejo Ambassador

As a PlanetAlentejo Ambassador you bring the activities of your village or your region to the people. You help to create a huge network for the Alentejo and bring awareness to the burning topics of your community. As networkers, the PlanetAlentejo Ambassadors are constantly looking for opportunities to connect all the different dots in the region.

Print Magazine

In order to reach also people without or few connection to the Internet world, and to also widen the website’s audience, it is our vision to create a print version of the PlanetAlentejo – a magazine with local editions in portuguese and english, with the events of the specific region, as well as articles on locally hot topics and local advertisement. A more contemporary alternative to a print magazine could be a ‘coffee paper’ in the form of a tablet.


Join our team!

As an EVENTS ORGANIZER you can publish your events in the Alentejo Events Calendar.

As an AUTHOR you can publish your articles on the website.

As a PLANETALENTEJO AMBASSADOR you feed us with information about activities and events of your village or region. You can bring awareness to the burning topics of your community and help to create a network for the Alentejo. Contact us for more information!

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