“We Walk To Protect This Land That We Borrow From Our Children.”

One Love One Step Portugal 2020

– The Big Walk to Protect Portugal’s Future

An international and local team walks 700km through the whole country, visiting places of destruction and ecological solutions to make PORTUGAL THE FIRST NATION TO RATIFY THE LAW TO END ECOCIDE.

Why Portugal, why Ecocide and why now? 

Ecocide is loss, damage or destruction of ecosystem(s) of a given territory(ies)… such that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants has been or will be severely diminished.”

Definition submitted by Polly Higgins to the UN Law Commission in 2010

Portugal is among the European Countries most vulnerable to extreme weather conditions and environmental degradation and faces a number of serious threats. Coastal erosion; deep-sea mining; overfishing; soil acidification; desertification; intensive monoculture farming; deforestation; lithium mining; and wildfires – all are National threats that require urgent political, economic and social responses. Two important events this year, the 2020 UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon (2-6th June) and the year’s critical 2020 UN Climate Change Conference – COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland (9 -19th November), make this One Love One Step Walk Portugal 2020 a timely, urgent and important mission as stated in its tagline:

“We Walk To Protect This Land That We Borrow From Our Children”.

What is Ecocide?

The Walk

Portugal’s importance today to the outside world is proof that other countries, traumatised in the 20th Century, have cause to live in hope.”

– Martin Page- The First Global Village

The One Love One Step Walk Portugal (10th May – 30th June 2020) will be a 700 km walk from the South to the North of Portugal, to listen, observe and record the people’s stories of ecological activism, threats of Ecocide and to connect communities throughout Portugal.

This is not just a walk but a ‘council on the road’ to explore the necessary responses required for effective climate mitigation and adaptation. As a global leader and focal point for climate solutions, these kinds of actions ensure Portugal’s rightful place at the forefront of our fragile planet’s survival.

To capture the story of this extraordinary country, as it faces challenges and to meet the solution builders, is the essence of this event. Over this seven-week journey of discovery, a dedicated team of over 30 volunteer walkers and supporters will collect hard and soft data along with the signatures from the people of Portugal to petition the Government to ‘Ratify The Law To End Ecocide’ within Portugal, and within the Rome Statute at the UN.

Call for Support

“Give Without Loosing, Receive Without Taking”

From the email signature page of Dee Kyne,
Founder of One Love One Step Walking 

For the love of our children, Portugal, and our planet this is a ‘call to arms’ for support with funding, resources, signatures, and endorsements. Companies, organisations, and individuals can ‘sponsor a walker’, donate and or contribute to this historic event through the crowdfunding campaign, or directly (Links coming soon!).

The Documentary “One Love Portugal”

Funding support of Euro 10,000 is also needed to complete the full-length documentary film ‘One Love Portugal’ in time for the COP26, the 2020 UN Climate Challenge Conference event in Scotland, directed by the French filmmaker Seraphin Quittau. A shortened ‘walk-in progress’ documentary film version will already be presented en route in Lisbon at the 2020 UN Ocean Conference in June.

Both of these films will be sensitively produced. They will document the epic event this walk will mark in history, filming ideas, solutions, stories, and the works of the people who are making a difference in Portugal. On the most important issue of the day, which is the survival of our fragile planet earth, that starts with this ‘one step’.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

-Margaret Mead


This One Love One Step Walk – Portugal 2020 is an alliance of organisations and individuals based in Portugal lead by the visionary social activist Dee Kyne, (Irish, co-founder of One Love One Step Walking) and her daughter Tamara Atkinson (British, co-founder of One Love One Step Walking & gender activist), together with economist & therapist Pola Vida (German, founder of PlanetAlentejo), Seraphin Quittau (French, filmmaker), Manuel Trindade (Portuguese, activist, consultant and linguist), Isabel Correia (Portuguese, activist/Extinction Rebellion Portugal).

Partners in Co-Creation are Dr. Shelley Ostroff and Yan Golding (Jerusalem-based, Founder of the Codes For A Healthy Earth), Dom Ghisays (Jamaican, activist/writer), the Stop Ecocide group in the UK, Portugal, and Spain, and many other organisations and ‘unsung heroes’ in Portugal and around the world.

Walks with Intention

These powerful ‘Walks with Intention’ have produced great results in the past, such as Dee and Tamara’s recent successes that includes the Government of Jamaica banning ‘single-use plastics’ (1st January 2019), primarily due to the actions and data produced from their One Love One Step Walk around Jamaica in April/ May 2017. This resulted in founder Dee Kyne receiving top honors of Jamaica’s prestigious ‘Ubuntu- Excellence in Humanity Award (USAID/ UTECH) for 2018.

This year’s One Love One Step Walk- Portugal 2020 will be a milestone event to finally get the Law to End Ecocide ratified and included as the 5th Law for Peace at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at Den Hague. 

Links & Contact

One Love One Step Portugal 2020

Website: https://www.oneloveonestepwalking.com/
Facebook: oneloveonestepwalkportugal

Support: https://www.oneloveonestepwalking.com/theaction

Ecocide: https://www.oneloveonestepwalking.com/oloswportugal
Why Portugal: https://www.oneloveonestepwalking.com/whyportugal

Tamara Atkinson: Tamara(@)oneloveonestepwalking.com

Official Media Partner
PlanetAlentejo www.planetalentejo.com
Pola Vida pola(@)planetalentejo.com


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