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What is Osteopathy?

‘Osteopathy is a recognized system of diagnosis and treatment, which has as its main emphasis on the integrity of the body’s structure and function. It is distinct in the fact that it recognizes that most of the pain and disability, comes from dysfunctions of the body structure and / or structure damage caused by the disease.’

General Osteopathic Council (GOsC)

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that uses the neuromusculoskeletal apparatus to mobilize the various tissues (joint, myofascial, nervous, etc.) in order to create more harmony, freedom of movement , promoting vascular and lymphatic flow, tissue viscoelasticity, a more effective neuroimmune response and a modulation / re-balancing of the nervous system. The Osteopath has deep knowledge in several areas of the biomedical sciences, in order to act with patient safety in 1st place. Osteopathy has been fully regulated in Portugal since 2013 as a primary care health profession with full autonomy.

Bruno Campos
Specialist Osteopath
Professional ID 0100508
Registration GOsC 7125

Equilibrium – Health Center

Our Story, Our Goal

This health space is based on a global and individual-centered vision. It reconciles unconventional therapies with conventional medicine, and movement with meditative practices. Our logo symbolizes this indivisible, inseparable union of the body-mind. This is the main objective of Equilibrium Health Center: to promote knowledge through workshops and lectures, to treat the individual as a whole, and to combine therapies according to the needs of the patient. Another major objective of Equilibrium is to contribute to improving the local health network, promoting bridges between the various local and foreign communities and actively participating in the community development.


Osteopathy – Bruno Campos: 914 409 782
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – Petra Oliveira: 936 076 645

EQUILIBRIUM Health Center – Travessa do Álamo, n5, Garvão, Beja

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