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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the human being as an energetic entity, which is an inseparable part of nature and constantly undergoing changes.

According to TCM, a human being – alike the rest of the universe – is a manifestation of energy, Qi. This energy is divided into two complementary forces, Yin and Yang. In order to maintain a balance between the Yin and Yang energies, a person must follow the natural rhythm of nature as well as have moderation in all aspects of life; work, exercise, rest, nutrition, emotions, sexuality and so on. If for some reason the balance is disturbed, the flow of Qi is blocked. The symptoms caused by the blockage of Qi can over time develop into chronic conditions and serious illnesses.

Genetics also have a part in chronic diseases, but there are always factors that affect the patient’s quality of life and development of the condition. Ideally, TCM is used as a preventative health care method, since even slight symptoms are signals of imbalance in the body. According to TCM, health is not just only a condition that lacks symptoms, but rather a state of well-being, clarity and calmness of mind. Understanding the human being as a combination of body and mind is distinctive to TCM; a human being should not be divided into parts and observed in isolation from other phenomena

During the first therapy session, the therapist makes an extensive inquiry to the patient. According to the information gathered, the therapist defines the pattern of the patient. Observing the patients pulse and tongue are essential parts of the diagnosis. With these methods, the therapist clarifies the current condition of the patient at the beginning of each therapy session and performs a treatment according to each individual situation.

The therapy methods are also determined according to the diagnosis; Acupuncture, Moxibustion, herbal treatments, Tuina-Massage, Gua Sha, dry or micro cupping or seven-star needle may be used. Dietary advice and lifestyle guidance are an important part of the treatment. Therefore, the effectiveness of the treatment and the process of healing are partially dependent on the patient’s devotion and responsibility

The frequency and number of treatments is case-specific, but generally it can be assumed that the longer the illness has been present, the more treatments it takes to cure. It is recommended to have a series of treatments done at first, at least ones a week, and in the case of chronic conditions it is beneficial to maintain health with regular monthly treatments.

Petra Oliveira
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Equilibrium – Health Center

Our Story, Our Goal

This health space is based on a global and individual-centered vision. It reconciles unconventional therapies with conventional medicine, and movement with meditative practices. Our logo symbolizes this indivisible, inseparable union of the body-mind. This is the main objective of Equilibrium Health Center: to promote knowledge through workshops and lectures, to treat the individual as a whole, and to combine therapies according to the needs of the patient. Another major objective of Equilibrium is to contribute to improving the local health network, promoting bridges between the various local and foreign communities and actively participating in the community development.


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