How to Live With Renewable Energy

by Jonathan Eveleigh, Odemira

Energy is all around but it is not something we see. How much energy do you need for your every day is not so easy to know, is it? Mostly we just want to throw a switch and there is the power! What is electricity and how can I create it, can be revolutionary thoughts. No thanks to our education for keeping most of us in the dark. But, like a child stepping into a pool of water for the first time, it can also be an exciting mystery.

Integrating Personal Power by Generating Energy

Living intentionally with your own energy system can be about integrating personal power. It can mean that one is accepting some responsibility for our use of energy and its generation.

It is no small step out of the consumer mindset. To be dependent on others – for our commercial needs, our money supply, our energy, for knowledge (is power they say) or just to feel good in our ‘comfort zone’ – is not the way of consciously living a sustainable life. To be aware of how energy and power is all around in the nature, from the sun, the cosmos and the earth, from all the elements, and how all things are connected, is to bring ourselves into a flow of living energy that we can direct with awareness.

Integrating your own energy generation, be it for electricity or water flow, carries this choice. Some like to treat it as if an accessory, a downloadable app, a prescription product. It’s just technology right? What place can it have in a ‘deep ecology’ and-or holistic environment? Either way you may find yourself in charge of the energy that powers your daily life and affairs. How will you use it?

When you go outside, where is the Sun shining, rising with the dawn, in the mid-day, and when h/she goes down? The Sun is our primary source of energy. How will you catch that energy and to what use will you put it? And when there is no Sun, is there store enough in the dark hours to do what you need to work? Energy efficiency is like your bank account. Better when there is plenty of energy in there, more than enough to meet your needs, and a good chance of plenty more coming in. Think of abundance!

Solar Energy is universal for free

Solar is a form of ‘free-energy’, universal for free. Who might imagine to just point a flat panel with no moving parts to the Sun would generate electricity? But it does, like photosynthesis upon green leaves, sunlight powers the solar system and generates life, and every living thing is an electromagnetic organism with a universal consciousness embedded within. Electricity is just like the life-blood that makes the entire world go round

For grid-connected homes, solar panels are now so cheap, you need not be paying for your electricity at all. That is like borrowing money from the bank, you are just paying interest, never the whole amount. With solar supplying, the power you can use, the grid as a battery, if your meter runs backwards. Digital counters are not such good news but a hybrid battery-grid solution will give you the best of both worlds.

Do an energy account

For off-grid living it is a good idea to first do an energy account. How much energy do you need? List all the appliances, lights and pumps that need to work and hours of use for a given day and make the total in Watts. This will help you identify how big a solar panel you need and also the battery capacity. Like choosing a car, don’t buy a Micra if you really need a Benz

When you are planting a garden, it also makes no sense to put your panels at the end of the land. Close proximity, short distances, easy access for you to know what is the health status of your energy system. Like the leaves on a tree, solar panels can’t do their job in the shadow, better facing the Sun.

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