Following the international recognition of Fado, Portugal recently submitted the polyphonic songs of the Alentejo – known as Cante Alentejano or just Cante – to the UNSECO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The documentary is a musical journey through the contemporary Alentejo with its unique way of expression and to the passion of its interpreters.

Dozens of amateur groups meet regularly to rehearse the old polyphonic chants of the Cante Alentejano. The lyrics of the songs are improvised and talk about about the present life of the people.

The Cante has a very old tradition and was born in the taverns and fields among the workers, and passed on over several generations. The Cante Alentejano is an identity trait of Alentejo people wherever they may be, and so it is not only practiced in the Alentejo itself but also on the outskirts of Lisbon and in several countries of emigration, where ever Alentejanos live.

Initial release: April 24, 2014 Director: Sergio Tréfaut Screenplay: Sergio Tréfaut Producer: Sergio Tréfaut Cinematography: João Ribeiro Editor: Pedro Marques

The documentary is shown only in the concelho of Almodovar so far, but surely it will make its way into the cineteatros of the whole Alentejo.


4:00 pm
Alentejo Alentejo
Escola Primária de São Barnabé, São Barnabé Almodôvar
4:00 pm
Alentejo Alentejo
Centro Cultural do Rosário, Rosário, Almodôvar
4:00 pm
Alentejo Alentejo
Centro Cultural de Aldeia dos Fernandes, Aldeia dos Fernandes, Almodôvar
4:00 pm
Alentejo Alentejo
Centro Cultural de Gomes Aires, Gomes Aires, Almodôvar


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