FIMÉ International Festival of Classical Music in Évora 21-25 August 2019

FIMÉ International Music Festival Évora is a festival dedicated to classical music. The 1st edition was a great success and with a very significant acceptance and affluence by the public.

FIMÉ 2019 is dedicated to ancient music and gives the public the opportunity to listen to less known works from the Renaissance to the Baroque.

In addition to a series of major concerts, the festival will involve the public in conversations with musicians, guided tours / itineraries, recitals in outdoor spaces, and some surprises.

The Festival brings a range of international musicians to Évora who will perform some of the most striking and impressive works of ancient compositions. Portuguese, Dutch, Israeli, Spanish, Swedish, English, Australian and Estonian musicians with international careers meet for a week in this sharing experience.

The musicians will perform some of the most striking and impressive works with instruments of the time. The program travels from the Renaissance to the Baroque with Italian, Portuguese, French and German music: Duarte Lobo, Frei Manuel Cardoso, Gesualdo, Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Lopes Morago, Melgás, Couperin, Bach.

The FIMÉ Festival values the vibrant history and musical heritage of the city of Évora with the occupation of different city spaces. An exchange between musicians and population, and the fusion of sounds with the architectural heritage, are some innovations of the FIMÉ Festival this year.


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