by Jonathan Eveleigh, Odemira

Consciousness – What is that?

Are you connected to all beings? Is there more or is that it?  Do we serve a purpose by living our lives the way we each do? Does love need a reason for being?  These are questions to ask as our future on this planet seems now to be uncertain. We cannot save ourselves without saving humanity.  Some have said that life as a whole is about becoming consciously aware and this it can do most easily through the instrument of being human, through our human ‘Beingness’. Is this ‘Consciousness’ some kind of heightened state of awareness? If so then, might you agree, there is consciousness of being, as an interconnected presence, and everything else is unconscious of itself yet also being in infinitely diverse ways?

Our three-fold mask of personality is a temple not made with hands.  So what goes on in that temple when we are not looking? You know, the quantum reality of yourself where everything is a wave of potential when you are not looking, or a particle when your attention is fixed on some one thing.  Yet, the Observer is one who ‘sees’ but does not fix attention on any one thing, this Observer being consciousness itself.  While the one who looks and fixes attention will always manifest an unchanging reality, being unconscious of his/her higher state of being and creative potential.  The Observer can access a larger Will, Purpose or Beingness, to allow into manifestation that which serves a larger Wholeness.

Where do you live in your body? Take a moment to really ponder this.  Our awareness easily drops below the threshold of pure creative potential, into the everyday mind, into the emotional nature and into the body consciousness. Such a mind is easily ‘polarized’, one that compares one thing with another, separates out and divides, for self alone. If we look around we see our entire world has become polarized by humans unconsciously out-picturing from their inner separative realities, until now.

For a future life on this Earth we ‘beings’ must let go this kind of ‘fixed attention’ and open the door of our temple to what Creation as a whole is seeking to manifest through the magnetic field of human consciousness as a whole.

Consciousness, as pure creative potential, is born upon the breath of Spirit within the womb of Matter.

Consciousness, as pure creative potential, is born upon the breath of Spirit within the womb of Matter.  It is a universal principle. What we call ‘Spirit’ and ‘Matter’ are two polarities of one energy. To achieve a mindfulness of Being open to a new and next step of becoming whole, is to internalize this union within. It is neither one or the other but all three – spirit as pure Will, matter as divine intelligence, birthing consciousness into being; a magnetic unity of three or three in one trinity.  This wedding of Logos, Sun or ‘Sol’ as Spirit to Moon, the feminine procreative powers of Earth, brings the new Creation into outer appearance through the collective co-creative field of consciousness. It is a union of the divine seed of Atma in man fertilizing the creative potential of womb-man or Manas – the mind of imagination in every human being. The magnet of attraction that brings the two together as ever, is Love.  Our source of power behind Love, this Will-to-Love, is our conscious imagining together in a higher world group alignment and this may be our new cocreative and collective responsibility of all unified hearts.

This Consciousness is expanding on our planet. We are increasingly becoming telepathic beings, humanity as one mind recognizing an Earth-to-Cosmos universality.  Such consciousness implies purposeful living. Are we ready, as a species, to do more than ‘survival’ as a built-in reaction to events for a very uncertain and dangerous future, and accept our role as a species within Creation as creator-beings?  To do so means we ‘let go’ of our separate self thinking, as part of our past behavior, associated memories and personalities, and begin to see each other through the eyes of One Being, One Life becoming aware of Herself, Himself – Life It’s Self, as a consciously living and breathing awakening of Earth within.

About the author:

Jonathan Eveleigh

Jonathan teaches a scientific approach to self-realized consciousness. He is a student of the universal wisdom now for more than 30 years, an esoteric path of Eastern and Western traditions. Jonathan also recognizes and seeks to practice a sustainable way of living inspired by the practical Earth wisdom of all indigenous cultures.  

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