Giving birth in Portugal

Associação Portuguesa pelos Direitos da Mulher na Gravidez e Parto : The association for the rights of women during pregnancy and birth. It promotes respectful and humanized birth options for women and provides useful informations and documents to download such as a birth plan (plano de parto).

Rede Doulas : an association of doulas that also organise trainings.

Maes d’Agua : an association of parents that promote water birth and finance the installation of pool in public hospital. Do you know that only one public hospital in the whole country (Centro Hospitalar da Póvoa de Varzim – Vida do Conde in the North) is equipped for water birth? In 2017, Maes d’Agua raised fund to donate a birth pool to this hospital. It allows women to experience labour in water, but not the actual birth… Water birth is not supported by the national health care system…

There is also one private clinic in Madeira that is equipped

APMI: The association of infantile massage :

Amamenta : A Breastfeeding Association, more active than the Leche League in Portugal.

OS Amamentação : Another association active on breastfeeding support that provide a list of volunteers who advise breastfeeding mum by phone (Lista de Voluntaries).

If you need help to breastfeed your baby and you don’t speak portuguese, you can always find support among the Leche League volunteers of your home country. The volunteers are trained mothers, often doulas or midwifes, that have also experiences breastfeeding their kids and knows a mot of tricks, natural remedies and informations to guide you trough breastfeeding. You can find useful informations and links to the national Leche League website on the Leche League International website (cf. links below the map).

Wishing you a happy start !

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