On June 15, 2018, a new space and restaurant opened in Reliquias:  A Onda – Centro Cultural para uma Vida Sustentável (Cultural Center for Sustainable Living)

‘A Onda’ (engl: The Wave) aims to contribute to the construction of a sustainable future with equity, based on three essential pillars: regional, seasonal and free of complicity.

It wants to be a meeting place where local people, guests and foreigners who make the region their land, can make new friendships, exchange knowledge, products and services.

To broaden and strengthen the movement of collectively creating a platform for the development of sustainable and regenerative regional solutions for water, food and energy, that nature provides so abundantly. 

To think and to provide new approaches that guarantee a better and diverse access to health, education and culture, which are basic rights of the human being.

‘A Onda’ is a multipurpose center, with the restaurant ‘Sabores da Terra’ (Tastes of the Earth) that offers an increasingly organic food snack bar, and a permanent store with products made of mostly local and regional products; a space for circles, artistic and leisure performances; an information point for the region with videos, films, books, magazines, and more.

In the menue are pizzas, daily plates prepared mainly with organic and regional products, vegetarian options & organic meet from the Cooperativa Freixo do Meio (Montemor-o-Novo), fresh baked pretzels will be available. There will also be a small shop with regional and organic products.

‘A Onda’ is also a seed planted for the formation of a regional Cooperative where small producers can offer the results of their work and harvests, and where collective solutions collective solutions can be exchanged to the issue of sustainable water management, using greener farming techniques and for all other issues that are of concern to everyone.

‘A Onda’ – Cultural Center for Sustainable Living with ‘Flavors of the Earth’ is managed by its mentor and owner Birger Bumb, who has been living in the region for 15 years along with his team.

“A Onda for me is a platform where many people and groups find a place to contribute their energy, their creativity, their ideas to restore the region’s abundance, and place to enjoy friendship and good food!

“Let us together build a model for the future, independent of globalization and circular economy, in this region so rich in sun, fertile ground and people so affable that they still have so much knowledge to share with everyone.

Birger Bumb

A Onda – Centro Cultural para uma Vida Sustentável com Sabores da Terra (Cultural Center for Sustainable Living with ‘Flavors of the Earth’)

Rua do Barreiro (former Sabores D’Avó)
Relíquias /Barreiros
7630-174 Odemira
Mobile: 913 822 489

Open 9h – 23h. Closed on Thursdays

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